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DS Stephen Truick (our award recipient #2) thinks they are all in Africa. They couldn't possibly be in England...
Amsterdam Madrid Nigeria
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same company
for insisting we devulge our true identity, charging us $9.95 and effectively shutting us down for four (4) weeks. Are you doing business with them?
DS Stephen Truick
London Metropolitan Police
for his arrogant, laissez faire attitude..(complete correspondence will be posted a bit later). Truick wrote, and I am quoting verbatim:.....answering your e-mails doesn't really help, it just ties up my staff. If you don't want to contact us again, I will not lose any sleep !! Thank you for your help in this matter. DS Stephen Truick, Sterling Pro-active (are you kidding me?) Prevention Unit, SCD6 Economic & Specialist Crime Command, Room 411 Wellington House, 67-73 Buckingham Gate, London. SW1E 6BE
#3: for actually having shut us down a while back!!!! Are you doing business with them?
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