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Nigerian/African scam Documents

We realize that some of these documents take a while to load. We will speed things up as we have time and money. Please remember, we are a "total volunteer" organization. We DO NOT receive any funds from any public or private organization.

We have received a total of $300 in 18 months! According to the Canadian Police, the gangsters are making one million dollars a day! Can we compete?

We need YOUR support!

We (all of us, you as well) need to stop these gangsters!

Some of these documents are scanned images. The quality may not be the best. Take your time. Compare the pictures with your own documents. If they look the same/similar, you know who you are dealing with! The titles are as we receive them. Spelling errors and all! Courtesy of the Lads of Lagos.

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African Development Bank  
                        Final Approval of the sum of 30 million US$

An Agreement Bond

Allied Chartered Bank   
                        Incoming Wire - Notification of arrival of 28 million dollars

Assistance 2000 & Action Security   
                        Certificate of Deposit

BIAO - Banque Internationale pour L'Afrique de L'Ouest
                        Bank document
                        Certificate of Deposit

                        Application for the transfer of 17 million dollars
                        Transfer Order by Swift

Central Bank of Nigeria
                        Notification for Release of Part Payment

Change of Ownership

The Chase Manhattan Bank
                        International Fund Transfer

Citi Trust & Finance Co.
                        Certificate of Deposit

Continental Bank of Africa
                        Approval Notice
                        Foreign Payment Schedule
                        Payment Instructions for US$26,000,000
                        Payment Schedule

Corporate Affairs Commission
                        Receipt for Company Incorporation
                        Receipt for Fees and Deed stamps
                        Certificate of Incorporation - 1 - in black & white
                        Certificate of Incorporation - 2 - in color
                        Certificate of Incorporation - 3 - in black & white

Diplomatic Courier...,  Express..., etc., etc., etc. 
                        Airway Bill - 1
                        Airway Bill - 2
                        Certificate of Deposit

                        Certificate of Deposit

Euro World .....
                        Letter of Guarantee

Evans Dikko & Co.

Federal Board of...
                        Official Receipt for Registration of Company

Federal Ministry of....
                        Certificate of Incorporation
                        Certificate of Registration - Supplies and General Contracts
                        Exchange Control Approval Order
                        Foreign Contractor's Registration Receipt
                        Invoice - Aviation
                        Payment Information form
                        Power of Attorney - Supreme High Court of Nigeria
                        Transfer of US$ 26,000,000....

Galaxy Security & Gardiennage...
                        Agreement Receipt
                        Certificate of Deposit

Global Security...
                        Certificate of Deposit
                        Certificate of Deposit - John S. Seko
                        Deposit Agreement
                        Deposit Agreement - Cargo Lodegement Department
                        Payment Receipt - John S. Seko
                        Safe Keep Certificate of Deposit
                        Security Deposit / Consignment Certificate

High Court of... 
                        Affidavit of Claim as "Next of Kin" (Nigeria)
                        Affidavit of Claim as "Next of Kin" - via Barrister Adam Smith
                        Certificate of Authenticity (Nigeria)
                        Letter of Administration without Will - (Accra/Ghana)
                        Letter of Administration without Will  - (South Africa)
                        Letter of Probate - (Accra/Ghana)
                        Letter of Probate - (South Africa)
                        Sworn Affidavit of Kinship (Nigeria)
                        Sworn Affidavit for Claim  (Lagos State)
                        Sworn Affidavit for Claim  (Lagos State) - different dates
                        Sworn Affidavit of Fact as to Next of Kin - (Accra/Ghana)

Kapital Security Service...
                        Unlaimed Consignment under your Favor

Last Will of...
                        Mr. Brian Cloud and his Witnesses

Macphil Security Company...
                        Cash Receipt

National Bank of Liberia...
                        Payment Advice - Irrevocable Payment of US$ 14 million....
                        Payment Schedule

Nwokedi Chambers...
                        Petition withdrawn...

Offshore Payment Commission...
                        Transfer of the Sum of $26,000,000..... payment for bond

Overseas Credit Commission...
                        We have received payment instructions...

Payment Information

Power of Attorney...
                        JPD Odioko & Co.

The Presidency....
                        Final Payment Notification...
                        Payment of US$15,000,000 as Part Payment 2nd Quarter....
                        Senate Committee on Foreign Payment

Schedule of Fees

South African Reserve Bank...
                        Official Payment Receipt

Standard Bank...
                        Outgoing Wire Transfer Request

Standard Security....
                         Change of Ownership

Sworn Affidavit of Fact as to Next of Kin

Union Bank..
                            Application for Claim of Late Mr....
                            Statement of Telegraphic Payment Transfer...

Universal Trust & .....etc., etc., etc. (UTSC etc.)
                            Certificate de Depot
                            Certificate of Deposit


There is more to come....

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