Here is what some Nigerians have to say about other Nigerians AND the WONST: 

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Listen up,
Why dont you people see the simple truth that your own people ( the supposed victims)  are also out to rip off Nigerians? have you not hear or seen cases where Nigerians have transferred funds out of Nigeria only to killed by the people he transferred the funds to?, it has happened in USA and Saudi Arabia and very many other countries where the case has been covered up and never came to light.
Why have you stoped at only telling the whole world that Nigerians are scammers instead of also asking people to be sincere and avoid trying to reap where they have not sown which have always put them into this trouble.
Well, we Nigerians have seen that our leaders will not stop sending our funds out to Your people to develop you own country so we will not also stop doing what we are doing to get some our own money back here, you can go on and even go to peoples houses to brief them about this scam of a thing but people will still fall victims to this ploy till the end of time.
Thank you and GOD is still in charge.
PS:Stop deceiving yourselves that people are becoming aware of this scam and therefore keeping away from it, I tell you one simple and sincere truth, only people who have been tricked out of their own funds have become more aware of this "scam", there are a lot other people that will have to be tricked as well before they will finally become aware......QED.

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Jan. 16, 2003 - 

In the Nigerian Today edition of the 8th of this month, I was able to tell our dear Dr Khan, that he should have made a deeper, and more proper use of his God given sense of reasoning. But my it has given me much pleasure, not only to have been able to voice my opinion, but also to read the constructive response coming in from my fellow Nigerians! To the likes of Mr.Tony Exxxxx (South Africa) and Mr. Jide Odxxxxx (England), and Mr. Macxxxxx, I say lets keep our flag flying high!  Some of us may be outside the country, but have lived in Nigeria, and do know what we are talking about! It indeed takes two to tango!

And to our dear scam police (WONST), I say thank you for the job you have taken upon yourself! May your efforts never be in vain! But as you did ask for some suggestions in your reply to Mr. Jide Odxxxxx, I wish to offer some. But I however, do think we should first start with the name "NIGERIAN SCAM", which you claim not to have coined.

Mmm...now that you know being fraudulent is not exclusively reserved to Nigerians, and that it’s not a good thing to give a bad name to a nation with a population that runs in millions, of which everyone is not involved in a scam or shady deals, do you have any plan of changing the name of your policing organization from “Wipe Out Nigerian Scams Team” to something more reasonable, like WIPE OUT SCAMERS EVERYWHERE? Or are you not interested in policing fraudsters from, and in other countries?

On the other hand, I would want to believe, that the good name and image of all well meaning and law abiding Nigerians, some of whom you have already acknowledged their good contribution to this topic, should have a place in your table of concern too! And the statement "It is unfortunate that your country got stuck with that name," nor the fact that a few of us are fraudsters, is not enough a justification for such a bad name on all Nigerians! You should think about the host name of your web site www.nigerianscams.org as well!

As for the request to suggest where the millions, and billions of money being made from scam is hiding, I will beg, that you turn your search light to banks in the developed world, who are very good at turning their eyes away from the question of how people got the huge some of money they so conveniently transfer and loge in their accounts and vaults! They are definitely helping in encouraging and strengthening the sophisticated stronghold of these dubious fraudsters! Its a part of why you wouldn't see such amount of money walking about, not just in Lagos, but on most Nigerian streets.

So I suggest as well, that you do more in convincing your bankers, that they should be more careful in seeking to make money out of the services they render to these horrible gang of fraudsters! I think they are as guilty as these evil men, as they are all driven by a self-centeredness that can only be understood as greed!!

It is my hope that you will not only be successful in your noble task, but as well, take the above suggestions into serious account!

May God help us all!

Hillary  Exxxxx

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Hello brothers and sisters

well, i'm so pleased to know that you are all out to fight this manace that is growing in our society.

Well, i believe thisn matters need to be looked objectively and see how we can construtively handle this matter.

I'm a graduate of Nutrition in one of the best universtiy in Nigeria ,i had my service and since i was unable to secure a job, i went  to work in a cybercafe,this is where i got to know about the scam mails and all the rest of the dirty deals involved.

I felt bad about this but also lets look at the Victim too, they were ready to receive the money they did not work for,so they end up been the loser.

I'm not in support of all these dirty deals but it affect the two ways.

You don't really have to wait for the mail to be sent,how do plan to get all the brains behind it.I see all this mail and all i do is to email the recipent of the mail as per the nature of the mail.

some i was late and the deed has been done.

You have to go all out to cafes and burst all the move of all this people and it's mostly at nite that they send their mails(Nite browsing).

You have to work round the clock to have all these Idiots fix or else they will reck the name of the Nation


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I have been to your site and seen all the good work you are doing but reading
some of the comments , allegations and baseless conclusion you have printed I
can only say it is a shame that you are destroying the good work you are
doing with  blinkered prejudice.

Some of the stuff being peddled is there is a school where fraud is taught to
students who now come to Europe and carryout their business. Pls get real
people this shows that what we need is education , period.
You have aplatform to tell the whole world the truth about these scams, i.e
the Scammed and the Scammee are as bad as each other and they should stop
repling to letters about contracts they did not carryout or try and help
someone steal money to be transfered into their account for a VERY,VERY VERY
large fee.
Nigerians feel very strongly about eradicating this scourge and I am sure,
can even donate to keep your site going to show you that we all wish these
unscrupulous business  men would stop repling these letters.
Thank you .
Mr Maxxxxxxx

This is from Nigeria2Day@aol.com 

What impudence! Are you paranoid? What are you suggesting? That all money transfer businesses involves  a scam. If you do then you're ignorant and may indeed be paranoid.

For your information, we've done a 50 page research work on money transfer involving Nigerians and the results may interest you. 

We are interested in creating awareness for the work you're doing, but this sort of attitude will take you no where.

We only advertise legitimate businesses. If you have problems with money transfer as a business, you may as well petition the appropriate authorities, but what you should realise is that there are millions of people who do money transfer legitimately!

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This is from Nigeria2Day@aol.com 

The people who mainly do money transfer are Very Honest people who are trying to help their folks back home.  I really find your comments about Trumpet nauseating! Because what you're suggesting is that it is meant for scams. God help you!

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  This is from Nigeria2Day@aol.com 

Just as much as Western banks illegally keep billions of stolen money from Africa. General Sani Abacha's stolen money estimated at $2 billion  have been traced to known European Banks who knowingly accepted the stolen money. Have they been reprimanded? Have they returned the money to the Nigerian government? No!

Maybe  you should campaign that these banks should be abolished in the manner that crooks worldwide launder money through banks, Western Union and other money transfer companies.  Nigerians have been repatriating their hard earned money well before Western Union & co.  And they will continue to do so to help the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the bereaved, the poor etc  in the manner of our own social security irrespective of scams that have nothing to do with them and so long as money transfer is not against the law. 

Quite frankly your language makes me believe  you may have been one of these greedy people who fell prey to these scammers.  If that is so, I have no sympathy for you because those who are scammed are BIG TIME CROOKS. They are thieves, they are indeed criminally culpable as the scammers!!!

You did not ask for our help, we offered to help and that is the obligation of a good citizen. Tell you what, we Nigerians bear the brunt of these scammers far more than you or the scammed. So its in our interest to fish out the criminals. But God your attitude is damn arrogant and I repeat will get you no where.  You appear a very bitter  person. You may not know but it shows. To catch these guys you need co-operation from a wide rage of groups and if you think you can do it alone Good Luck to you.

As far as we are concerned, we will report the news, we will expose greed and corruption.  We've done this  at the risk of our lives and will continue to do so.  We really  dont need to get into a band wagon of arrogant and cocky persons who feel they know it all.

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  This poor man was caught in the cross-fire:

I was informed by a German  reader of my magazine ( Tophealth magazine), that my picture was displayed in your website and asking me to ask you to have it removed after identifying myself to you. I appreciate the work you guys are doing to wipe out the disgrace we have found ourselves in, which has made a pariah of us especially Nigerians. If you make a proper investigation you will see me as a foremost Nigerian , a crusader and revolutionist as well as a social crusader who will never touch anything dirty talkless of 419. That picture was taking from my drug and medical establishment advert in Ovation magazine and TELL Magazine ( Nigeria).I am on National television and important networks in Nigerian almost on a daily basis. I travel extensively in and out of Nigeria for conferences and purchase of raw materials for my phamaceutical plant. These no doubt has opened me up for scammers and fraudsters. MKy picture in your web has done my image a very bad turn. Could you please see what you can do. I am in full support of your work and wil contribute my quota to help in wiping out this menace.  I look forward to a positive response from you. My siciety is not enlightened enough to understand what the question attached to the picture means. Thank and keep up the good work. God Bless.

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  I have been going through your web site.
It is very sad to read about what you have on nigerian scams.
These scams are destroying the good names of most law abiding Nigerians
and especially the ways you guys are painting Africans.
In as much as you enlighten the world about these scams, most white guys
keep on falling victims to these scams. Why?
After some careful examinations I believe your enlightment programs have
been a little bit ineffective, because you have all along concentrated
your campaign in running Nigeria as a country down. You have missed an
important aspect which would have yielded more dividend in checking the
viral scams. I think that any person in the western world that falls
victim to such scams are not only greedy, but a criminal.
One fact is that these victims have always seen an average African as
illitrate, stupid and have no brain. Thus they can not believe that they
could ever be outsmarted by these Africans making such ridiculous
business proposals. It is sad that even educated people in the western
world get scammed by people who have either half education or none.
These victims are aware that there is so much money to grab from Africa
especially considering that their countries receive stolen African
wealth from good for nothing African despots and dictators. This is
where they miss it and eventually fall victims.
A lot of Africans who live in the western world similarly receive the
scam letters but the percentage falling victims is insignificant.

I would appreciate you post on your web site
1. Anybody honouring such letters is greedy
2. Has criminal tendencies and should be investigated
3. The average Nigerian is intelligent, smart, educated or not
4.There is no free money to steal
5.You can not reap where you never sowed.
6. Any person or country that receives stolen property is also a thief.

I believe that if you can direct your campaign in this path you will
have better results.
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I have read with serious interest all the back and forth
dialogue, utterances between  Dr Khan (sucker for quick dosh) WONST
(desperate retributions) and other intelligent Nigerians on the 419 scam.
Enough had already been said and I feel it will bode well if we moved to a
fresh area of interest.
         However just to summarise, the bottom line is if any individual or
group of individuals want to get rich quick, they are quite welcome to do
so. The so called Nigerian 419 scam is not unique nor is it the first
perpetrated by human beings. I quite agree with the write up on behalf of
Trumpet Money transfer and lessons can be learned. It is not right to single
out a nation or business unit by name involved in a scam which has proven to
be world wide or appears to affect citizens world wide.
         It beggars belief that some of us can be so gullible to believe
that kind of money is floating around in Nigeria. Do any of these faceless
and greedy foreigners understand the true nature of their involvement in an
economic crime? As far as I understand it, if only Nigeria (its government)
had the system in place, all these monkeys would be lying fallow in an
international prison. This ain't no different from human rights abuses.
Every economic hardship perpetrated against an innocent Nigerian is
punishable by land law or the wrath of the Almighty God. Lest anyone who
cares to listen understand that whoever plays with the sword will most
likely die by the sword.
Examples of scams which may have affected some of us over
the years but we hardly get an outcry.....
Irish in white vans selling every imaginable electronic
equipment that never works
Italians selling bottles of water instead of video camera
Caribbean's in smart business suits selling rogue
wristwatches on the High streets
English/Europeans jamming hole in wall machines to retrieve
your details
Middle East selling fake trademarked designer goods.......to
mention a few.
Life goes on but interestingly enough the average Nigerian
has never settled for the small things in life that's why they designed the
million dollar 419 scam (one deal and you're made for life).
Just to clarify that I have always been against any scam or
deal that allow your name to be tainted unfairly and to that account I
deplore the 419 scam, but someone did say, IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO. "If you
don't wanna be duped don't tango with a duper"

Jide Oduyoye
London, England.
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