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Dr. Robson Felix  called at 5:00 hrs (5:00 am) October 9, 2003 to inform us of the payment we have not picked up. We should call him in Nigeria at 234.603 5521 324  but  his call originated in New Jersey, U.S.A. phone number: 973.944.7208 The phone company says the phone is disconnected. Well, the gangsters have the latest technology to fool the victims.

Mr. Goodman (a scamster/gangster) from Toronto, Canada, EuroFin Trust does not know us and does not want to take our money at first but quickly changes his mind.... (3. August 2003) He will send an e-mail to wonst@nigerianscams.org with the bank information....

... continuation. The following day, Mr. Goodman has second thoughts. He thinks we are scamming the "African People" and he will call the FBI etc., etc., etc.

Alan Jackson (a scamster/gangster) from Houston, Texas explaining how the "diplomatic consignments" (box full of money) are being handled....  (27. July 2003)

Inter Credit Union, Vancouver, Canada ... sounds like a "real bank" (just joking)

Citi Bank confirms your balance is 25 million dollars.....

Musa calling...  make sure you pay
Transcript of the message as the Nigerian is difficult to understand:  Hello Allen this is Musa (I'm?) for two day ??gap??  sending you the attachment. Please go through it and make sure you pay...

Mike Akpan (message 1message 2message 3, message 4)

International Financial Security Company
Royce Towers, City Center,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Donna Fredricks and Mrs. Weston
Phone: 416.561.9642


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