Please help us capture these gangsters!

Same passport, same number, different names!
Which one is it? Keon or Bailey? We are sure, the poor sod in the picture is neither!

Here are some names. Some "real", some fictitious. Can you match the names with the pictures? If you can, please contact us.

Eghosa Aduwa  aka Jason Wilton? (Manitoba, Canada?) 


osayan-ede billy omoregie aka Kurt Postner (Manchester, England)

Ekenwan Eheneden  aka Kelly Keon (Manchester, England)

osasu omoregie


osayan-ede billy omoregie?

KINGSLEY AGBONKPOLOR    from Burlington,  Ontario, Canada




Help! Help!

Out of Jail - OUT ON BAIL - this could only happen in Africa

We have found Felix Anosike and Johnson Chukwuemeka. They are commuting freely between Amsterdam/Holland and Kampala/Uganda. Probably flying 1st Class. The FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, Interpol, Europol nor the Dutch police want to know!!!!!

If you have had contact with theses gangsters, have seen them or know there whereabouts, please contact The WONST!!

These gangsters had kidnapped some of our contributors of information and there is a possibility that they have killed two Canadians and one American!

Hopefully, soon to be moved from           to